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Powered by a passion for people dedicated to the science of living and learning, the 人文科学学院 has launched the careers of thousands of teachers, 时装设计师, 卫生专业人员, nutrition experts and 家庭顾问 who have changed the world.

A student and instructor work on a shoe design
A student with a stopwatch observes a subject on a treadmill as part of an exercise study


No matter what major you choose, you can expect hands-on opportunities as part of your education. Nearly all 人文科学 majors require internships where you'll gain real-world experience that prepares you for your future career where you'll impact how people live their daily lives. 老师, 卫生专业人员, 时装设计师, 营养专家, 家庭顾问, 理财规划师, event managers and more are all part of the human sciences community. 

主要s, minors and certificates


A safer fire fighter glove through textile design, incorporating exercise into mental health treatment, 改善疾病预后, creating new ways to incorporate STEM learning in to education – all of that and more happen in the 人文科学学院. Talk with your advisor to learn more about undergraduate research opportunities.

A researcher places a fireman's glove in a lab cube for testing

Working on solutions to critical problems

A multidisciplinary team of Iowa State researchers received a $1.8 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to improve PPE for health care workers by developing biological self-decontaminating fabrics to protect against live pathogens.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Whether you want to start a business, 建立领导能力, develop a new food product or change the world through cutting-edge research, you’ll find the support and resources you need to nurture your ideas and bring out your inner innovator.

A student places a pineapple into a lab testing device

开始的东西 in the 人文科学学院

The 人文科学学院' experiential opportunities are designed to help you immerse yourself in innovation. 设计新产品, 找到一种新的教学方法, work with students across disciplines, direct a fashion show – go ahead, 开始的东西.


Coursework is designed to give you real-world experience you can apply while you’re at Iowa State. Join one of over 80 student clubs, 学生教, work in the student-run retail store, create a new confection for The Creamery, 或者环游世界. 

Add global experience to your résumé

Expand your education studying the origins of sport in Greece during spring break, spend a semester at the Paris American Academy, or 学生教 in Australia.  


人文科学学院 graduates have a 95% positive career outcome. You're set up for success from the start – classroom learning integrates hands-on experiences, nearly every major requires an internship, faculty have strong relationships with industry leaders, and the 人文科学 career services team provides support from start to finish.


  • 老师

  • 时装设计师

  • 食品科学家

  • 体育教练

  • 医疗服务提供者

  • 临床营养师

  • 财务顾问

  • Community outreach coordinator

  • 儿童和家庭倡导者

  • 行为顾问

  • 活动策划人

  • 酒店经理

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Pursuing her passion for healthcare




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